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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to save you time we have put the most frequently asked questions below. These are what we answer on a daily basis and hopefully fulfil the queries you have before booking an experience with us.

Should you not find the answers you need here, please contact us by calling 01604 211336 or fill out the contact form on our contact page >

Simulator and Experience Questions

Yes you can!

You can also share your time with them if you would like to. Or just make them watch. Up to you!


Vulcan – one in jump seat in the cockpit, although it is pretty tight anyway!  … plus viewing room which fits approx. 4-5.

737 – 12 seats available in addition to the cockpit. 


737 – 5 in total 1 in the jump seat and 4 mock cabin.


Our cockpits have been custom designed and made (by us!) to ensure that they are as close to the real thing as we can get.

We have had professional 737 pilots AND Ex Vulcan Pilots try and test our simulators and both have given the thumbs up for authenticity and as close to realism as possible! 

A Fixed Base simulator doesn’t move but …

You know when you are sat in on train and the train next to you moves away … but you think you are moving?

We take advantage of this visual trick to give you a sense of movement using reprographics and the engine / cabin noise.

There is no reason why you should not be able to use the controls.

If you can travel on an aeroplane without issues you won’t have a problem getting in and out of the 737 cockpit.

The Vulcan cockpit is a tight squeeze, please keep this in mind if you have any issues with movement.

We have instructors that are as tall as 6’5″ and they can operate both simulators without a problem.

The Vulcan by its nature is a small cockpit.

Most of our Instructors are over 6′ and at 6’5″.

As our instructors  can use the simulator comfortably, you will be fine.

With 24,000 airports to choose from,  as long as the flight could happen in real-time (i.e. within a the allotted time) then the route is down to you!

For instance, London to New York isn’t going to work! But popular flights include: London, Midlands or Manchester Airports to Paris, Amsterdam or Jersey. LA to San Francisco, Nice to Innsbruck, Gibraltar to Madeira and thousands more!

We can offer anything from the old Hong Kong approach to other difficult/interesting ones like Maderia – Innsbruck.

Yes there is a place you can sit but it is quite tight! Don’t expect comfort, Vulcans weren’t built for that!


Your experience can be split between you and a friend.

Do keep in mind that if you have a shorter experience (30 mins for example) you both may not have time to accomplish all that you want to.

We would suggested a shared experience of 60 mins or more will be more enjoyable for you both.

You get a whole 60 minutes in the simulator.

We allow additional time to every booking.

This is “briefing” time when you can discuss with your Instructor what you wish to achieve during your session.


You will find that our instructors are either professional pilots, present / ex RAF or have completed our professional simulator instructor course.

We can not accommodate specific requests for instructors.

Being professional pilots their main job in aviation will take precedence over their instructing work with us.

You will be assigned an instructor based on their availability. Each and every person that instructs with us will have had hundreds, maybe thousands of hours in the simulator and will be able to offer you an enjoyable time with a lot of knowledge to share.

In the 10 years we have been offering flight simulator experiences, we have never found ourselves in the situation where a customer has been unable to do the experience.

We do not offer a monetary return but would happily allow you to gift the experience to someone else who may be with you on the day.

Malfunctions, poor weather, diversions … we can offer all of these challenges and many more!

Discuss anything you want to do with your Instructor in your briefing.

You can also tell Ops when you book in and we will do our very best to facilitate.

We ask that you double check with your doctor but there is no reason why you would not be able to.

If you are able to travel on a normal aeroplane then you would be able to undertake our experience.

Location Questions

With parking right in front of the centre and no steps to content with the Stockport location is as accessible as we could make it.


Very accessible including wheelchair access.

There is one small step into the building.


Village Hotel Cheadle and the Holiday Inn Express are the closest to us but there are many options for hotels only a short drive from the centre. 


We are minutes from Brighton, with a multitude of chain hotels and smaller B/B and hotels.


Within a 10 minute drive you can find Pizza, Fish and Chips, Indian, Chinese and traditional pubs.


The Hummingbird Restaurant and cafe is a 2 minute walk away with great views of the planes, and there are many Pubs and Restaurants locally or within Brighton if you don’t mind a little drive.


There is a free car park at front of the building.


Yes there is a car park in front of the hanger you will find us in.


Yes, Stockport train station is a 5 minute taxi ride from us. It can be walked in 22 minutes. 

The 368 Bus which leaves from near the stations will drop you 5 minutes walk away from us. 


The Number 6 Bus service will get you close to us. The railway is a 15 minute walk away also.

The minimum age for our experiences is 10 years old.

If your children are younger than that you are very welcome to bring your children with you as you do the experience. We merely ask that they respect the expensive equipment.

Children can enjoy watching from a safe area if accompanied by another parent / guardian.

We would ask that dog’s are not bought onto the premises.

At each site there are areas nearby where dogs could be walked.

Of course!

With every booking we will send you directions to the location in an email which will include maps and more.

You can also see from our contact page that we have included a button you can click to get directions from google maps too.

Future Young Pilots Program Questions

Although the training instructors have a DBS we insist that the child is accompanied by an adult at all times, regardless of session length.

The session will not be completed if the parent or guardian can not stay.

The course has been designed to be completed with one student and one instructor, often the same instructor for the duration of the course.  There is also one point of contact from the point of purchase (the course director) who will be able to answer any course related questions. Booking enquires will need to be done through the main Ops number.

Classroom time is in addition to time in the simulator. As such, the 5 hour course = 5 hours in the simulator and additional time in the classroom.

The course can be completed in any one of our locations. You have a choice between Stockport (Greater Manchester) and Shoreham-by-sea (West Sussex).

We would suggest that the 5 hour course is split into more manageable sections due to the fact there is time in the classroom and aspects of the aircraft and aviation that the student would need to understand each time before they enter the simulator. (For example, 3 hours and 2 hours in the simulator).

If the requested time is available in the diary, we will then check instructor availability to match. Only the finest instructors have been selected to teach this course. Sessions can be booked on weekdays, weekends, evenings or school holidays if the availability is there.

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