The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company


The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company

737 Jet Airliner

This is the closest to the real thing you will get from a fixed base 737 800 simulator. Purpose built, tried, tested and instructed by REAL jet airline pilots.

No previous experience is required to take advantage of this experience, your professional pilot instructor will guide you through every step of the flight. If you do have previous experience, they will be happy to step back and let you get on with it!

737 800 Simulator Cockpit

Flightdeck Experience along with Virtual Aerospace own 3 737-800 fixed base simulators which professional pilots and our experience customers use on a daily basis.

Non pilots use the simulator to get the thrilling experience of a 737-800 Jet Airliner as they come to terms with the cockpit controls, take off, fly and land 189 virtual passengers.

Professional pilots also use our simulators to practice drills and emergencies to ensure that when they fly the real thing … they are prepared to act correctly to ensure the safety of 189 ACTUAL passengers.

The simulators are 1 to 1 in scale and are as accurate to the real aircraft as possible. As fixed base simulator experiences, it means that the cockpit doesn’t move. It does however use visual trickery and sound effects to make you feel like you are moving! We have had customers swear that they were in motion after their experience!

There are only a few things separating our fixed base simulators and their full motion counterparts, which professional pilots learn in to fully prepare them for the real aircraft.  Full motion simulators are giant machines mounted on huge hydraulic platforms which can then produce realistic movement. Their cockpits, systems and controls work in exactly the same way as ours!

737 Cockpit Pilot talks to customer