The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company


The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company

Corporate / Group Bookings

A fantastic alternative to the normal “group outing” … our flight simulators are perfect for corporate team building or just a fun time out for the office.

We have been delivering group experiences for ten years, bookable by a half or full day, all attendees will get to experience what it is like to sit in the pilots seat!

737 800 Simulator Three Men Flying

Many companies large and small take the time and money to arrange team building activities. Why not choose to have your work mates show off their skills as they try to fly and land a Boeing 737-800 Jet Airliner?

From take off through to landing every one of your workmates can see who performs the best, a challenge that will get the entire office excited!

Of course it doesn’t have to be a competition, our simulators not only excite but also bring out the inquisitive side of people as they learn more about aviation and the dialy goings on in a pilots “office”.

The simulators are 1 to 1 in scale and are as accurate to the real aircraft as possible. As fixed base simulator experiences, it means that the cockpit doesn’t move. It does however use visual trickery and sound effects to make you feel like you are moving! We have had customers swear that they were in motion after their experience!

We have three locations dotted around the UK allowing for you to pick and choose the place that suits you. It may be the closest to work, it may be the closest to where you are going to be if, say, you were making a weekend of it elsewhere.

Three men in 737 800 Simulator Cockpit

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