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The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company

Extras / Addons

We like to offer additional time and services to people that want to get that little bit MORE from their experience with us.

The products below are a mixture of keepsakes and additional time for you and even a friend so that you can make your time with us as special and memorable as possible.

First Class Pass

First Class Pass

Our most popular add ons bundled together at a saving to you!

* Gate To Gate (Additional 20 mins to taxi the plane)
* Film Of Your Experience
* Framed Photograph

£60 £50

Gate To Gate - 15 Minute Add On

Are you interested in what happens before the engines get switched on?

Perform the checks and taxi the aircraft to the runway with this additional 15 minutes to get the full experience of flying one of these amazing aircraft!

Can be applied to the 737-800 or the Vulcan. 


737 800 Simulator hand on lever
Video Of Experience

Full Length Film Of Your Experience

Relive your experience over and over from three different angles!

The video is available to you as a digital file. We put it in cloud storage for you to download to your own computer.


Framed Photograph

A great keepsake to remind you of your day with us.

You will have photographic evidence of you in the captains chair with the impressive cockpit behind you. If you have brought anyone with you they can jump in the picture too!

£15 £10

Photo of couple in 737 800 Simulator
First Officer Friend

First Officer Friend - 20 Minute Add On

Often people bring a friend along with them who don’t get the opportunity to have a go at the controls.

This add on allows your friend to sit in on briefings, allows them to be first officer for your whole experience (with the instructors help if needed) and also offers an additional 20 minutes just for them at the end.


Land Like A Pro - 20 Minute Add On

Sim time goes so fast, and customers always run out of time before their ready to leave, with this amazing add-on you get to practice your landings to perfection!

You get 20 minutes to perform 3 practice landings to really hone your skills!


Land Like a pro

Kai Tak Landing - 15 Minute Add On

Very few people were qualified to do this in real life! You’ll be instructed and then let loose in the simulator. 

Now you get to test your skills as you take the simulator and see if you are able to fly over Hong Kong, bank sharply and land safely on the runway at Kai Tak.


15 Minute Friend Add On

Watching someone else have fun isn’t the best. Let your chosen friend or partner have 15 minutes in the captains chair after you finish your main experience.

Enough time to take off, fly around and land!