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Fear of Flying Courses

For some people the fear of flying holds them back. They can hear all of the statistics and still not feel safe when stepping onto an aircraft. Our fear of flying courses allow the student to explore where their fear lies, ask questions and experience the previously unseen cockpit to really understand what is going on.

Man has head in hands due to fear of flying

The odds of an aircraft crashing are 1 in 1.2 million. Harvard University did a study on it and found in comparison that the odds of a car crash being the last thing you experience are 1 in 5000. In fact, flying is so safe that even if you were unlucky enough to be in an aeroplane accident (and that is pretty unlucky), you would likely survive it.

Regardless of what the numbers tell us, the fear of flying is real and effects many of us. It negatively impacts career opportunities, travel plans and family holidays. What a lot of people consider to be a pleasurable experience is pure hell for others.

This is why we decided to offer a course to provide a one to one session in our flight simulators.

The flying course is conducted 1 to 1 with a professional pilot in one of our flight simulators. The simulators are 1 to 1 in scale and are as accurate to the real aircraft as possible. 

The goal while you are with us is to delve into where your fear lies. It could be a feeling of lack of control, fear of turbulence, claustrophobia … or all of them! Once we have a good idea as to your issue with flight we can answer questions and take you on a short virtual flight in our realistic feeling 737 800 commercial jet simulator.

We will teach you what pilots do, how safe the machines they use every day are and give you a better understanding into aviation and the science behind aircraft.

Lady holding head due to fear of flying

You have the option of fixed base simulator or the more expensive, yet significantly more realistic – full motion simulator.

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