The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company


The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company

Full Motion Flight Simulators

We are one of the few commercial flight simulator operations in the UK with access to what the professionals use!

You are able to book time in the Boeing 737-800 FULL MOTION flight simulator. Every effort has been made to make these machines as realistic as possible, being used to train professional pilots for real world flying … they have to be!

Full Motion Simulator from outside

We are one of a handful of commercial flight simulator companies to have access to these full motion simulators, Flight Deck Experience (jointly with Virtual Aerospace) are a great choice if you want to get into one of these machines.

With hydraulics and 6 degrees of freedom, they are a serious bit of kit. The cockpit may be similar to our fixed base counterparts but everything else about your experience will be different and far more realistic!

Time in these amazing machines is offered to us by Quadrant Systems and are available for private hire as experiences for 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes.

You may want to get some hours in the fixed base simulators before you progress to this or … you may want to jump straight in! Our instructors are on hand to teach, aid where necessary or just sit there as a back up.

Although it comes with a higher price tag, this is the ultimate in simulated flight, you just can’t beat the the feeling of full motion!

Full Motion Flying

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