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(NEW) 15 Minute Friend – Add-on

(NEW) 15 Minute Friend - Add-on

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Our customers bring people with them all of the time. The “15 Minute Friend” add on allows an additional 15 minutes at the end of the session so that your friend can have a go in the captions chair!


Don’t forget, there are other options for add ons too and some are bundled together at a discount!

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That friend that came with you wants to have a go! Move over and allow some time for your 15 minute friend!

No-one likes to be a “billy no mates”.  Many of our experience customers bring a friend or partner with them. The sad thing is that by the end of the session … the person sat behind them really wants to have a go in the cockpit themselves but there is no time. Let them be your 15 minute friend!

It’s not much fun watching someone else enjoy themselves. Particularly as the more you hear from the instructor … the more you want to do it yourself! To fix this problem we have offered 15 minutes for your chosen friend after you finish so that they can get to grips with the simulator.

A product for anyone with an interest in aviation from an admirer of the 737 or Vulcan to home simulator enthusiasts. Allow your friend of partner to be your 15 minute friend!  

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You can get the First Class Pass and have the photograph included at a discount!

(NEW) 15 Minute Friend - Add-on


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