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The UK's Largest Flight Simulator Company

2 Hour Hire (if PPL Experienced)


2 Hour Hire (if PPL Experienced)

Available at
Greater Manchester & Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Do you have your private pilots licence? Take advantage of our PPL experienced hire! We won’t waste your time letting you know about effects of control, QNH or power attitude trim but we will introduce you to commercial passenger jet characteristics you likely won’t be familiar with!


Calling all qualified pilots for PPL Experienced Hire!

Having your private pilot licence is indeed a great step in the right direction. With PPL experienced hire we will take into account your current knowledge and tailor your time with us to best suit your interests and requirements.

Have you always looked up though and wondered what it is like to fly one of the commercial passenger jets that regularly fly overhead? You may be a low hour PPL or an experienced PPL with multi engine time … this will be an exciting and challenging experience for you. 

The principles must be the same right? Here’s your chance to find out! We won’t spend time on the things you already know, instead we will ensure you see and understand the differences between the aircraft. Our professional and experienced instructors are on hand during the experience to guide, answer any questions and even challenge you if you want them to!

One big difference is power! Come and see what it’s like to accelerate and climb to 3000 feet in just 45 seconds!

What to Expect from PPL Experienced Hire

You experience starts with a pre-flight briefing with one of our professional flight simulator instructors. Every part of your flight will be discussed and if there is anything you would like to achieve during your time in the simulator now is the time to mention it! If you have any technical questions you can pick the instructors brains, they will be doing the same with you trying to find out your experience level.

When you step into the simulator it’ll be engines off and sat at a gate. Real Boeing procedures will need to be followed with checklists as you and your co-pilot prepare the aircraft. You will programme the flight management computer, set up the cockpit switches, start the engines and make your way to the runway as you taxi the most popular commercial passenger aircraft to date!
All checks complete and it’s time to push forward with 60,000 KGs of thrust! You will hurtle down the runway to rotate at nearly 140 Kts, 45 seconds latrer you will be at 3000 feet.

Your current skills as a pilot will definitely be required as the aircraft and your instructor challenges you over the 2 hour period. The first hour allows you to get your bearings in the cockpit and a feeling for the way the aircraft handles. The second hour is down to what you would like to achieve! See how you handle some emergencies or maybe try to land in some of the world’s most challenging airports!

PPL experienced hire is a brilliant introduction to the 737 800 and the processes involved with flying these large passenger jets. You’ll find it informative, challenging and a real thrill!

Don’t forget our add-ons!
Enhance your flight with a MUST have addition to your flight. Take the memory of your time with us with a photograph or video of your experience.

2 Hour Hire (if PPL Experienced)


Got Questions?

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