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737 Flight Simulator Experience | 60 Minutes


737 Flight Simulator Experience | 60 Minutes

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type – Fixed Base
Minimum Age – 10 years old

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a plane, particularly a Jet Airliner, experience the full thrill of piloting a Boeing 737 in complete safety. The session can also be tailored to each individual, so even if you are a fully trained airline pilot you can fully enjoy this experience!

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With the additional options of 15 minutes gate to gate experience, photograph or video of your experience you may not want to miss out!

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60 minutes to be the pilot in the 737 Flight Simulator Experience!

In the 737 Flight Simulator Experience, the instructor will talk you through every step and fill you with knowledge and confidence. The fantastic professional standard simulators offer 1:1 full-life scale visuals with sound effects recorded from real airlines, making the experience as real as possible. You will have control over multiple aspects of your flight, including the time of day and the weather. 

This is the closest to the real thing you will get from a fixed base 737 800 simulator. Purpose built, tried, tested and instructed by REAL jet airline pilots.

We have 24,000 airports to choose from so as long as the flight can happen in your designated time (for this experience, 60 mins flight time … you get extra for the briefing), the route is down to you! London to New York isn’t going to happen but there are many flights that can be done in this allotted time.

No previous experience is required to take advantage of this 60 minute 737 flight simulator experience, your professional pilot instructor will guide you through every step of the flight. If you do have previous experience, they will be happy to step back and let you get on with it!

What does this experience include?

How does the above sound?

Please do remember, the route, weather conditions and even specific emergencies are up to you! Thinking that the flight is going a bit too well? We can have you lose an engine! Or drift into an emergency landing with no engines!

You won’t find an experience like it! … and certainly not at these prices! The 60 minute 737 Flight Simulator experience is a must!

With our purpose built cockpits, knowledgeable and friendly staff it’s the best you will find. The question is … what are you waiting for?


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Enhance your flight with a MUST have addition to your flight. 15 minutes gate to gate experience, photograph or video of your experience.

737 Flight Simulator Experience | 60 Minutes


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