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737 Dry Hire Rates – £85 per hour!


737 Dry Hire Rates - £85 per hour!

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Our simulators aren’t just for one off experience customers! Commercial pilots can enjoy the reduced 737 Dry Hire rate of £85 per hour in any one of our 737 flight simulators. It’s the same pricing we offer airlines and no previous experience in the simulator is needed.



Fly our 737 800 state of the art flight simulators for just £85 per hour

During down times and when you feel your skills may need a refresh, our simulators are perfect and available to professional pilots at a discounted rate for 737 Dry Hire!

Practice for your sim assessments, LPC/OPC, MCC or command upgrade as we offer the simulators to CPL qualified pilots and above in all three of our locations.

You may decide to play Instructor to your own friends by hiring the simulator and inviting them to have a go as co-pilot to you or vice versa just for fun!

Anyone who is CPL, ME/IR rated, regardless of currency, experience or medical situation is welcome to hire out the simulator. We often welcome flying schools, airlines and university societies and can offer this product to anyone who fulfils our simple requirements.

Dry Hire Requirements and Info

You are able to book 737 Dry Hire any evening Mon to Fri, from 18:00 – 24:00 (until 23:00 at Shoreham due to airport hours).

737 Dry Hire Rates - £85 per hour!



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