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737 Group Booking – Fixed Base Simulator

737 Group Booking – Fixed Base Simulator

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type – Fixed Base
Minimum Age – 10 years old

A unique and exciting challenge for your team to experience! Our 737 group booking will allow your group to prove who is the most impressive pilot as your office / workplace go head to head!


A group day out you will never forget! 737 Group Booking!

With the 737 Group Booking, we promise you a fun yet challenging experience as you and your team spend you time with us finding out who is the best Boeing 737 800 pilot!


We have over ten years of providing exciting group experiences under our belt. Our expert professional pilots will spend time with every one of you taking you from take off, flight, differing weather conditions, emergencies and landing! Depending on your skill … you may manage all of them! You also may not so what you accomplish is up to each member of the group!

Everyone will have a go behind the controls with the instructor there to help where needed and offer advice. They will keep a tally in their head so, if you would like them to … they can announce “Captain of the Day” at the end of your session!

737 Group Booking time and group sizes

HALF DAY – The half day booking includes 4 hours total time in the simulator for you and your group.
We recommend a maximum of 10 people for the half day booking as it takes on average 20-25 minutes for the shortest flight. If we take into account the “pilot” changing over we find that 4 hours gives a suitable amount of time for each person attending.

FULL DAY – Double the above! 8 hours for your group of up to 20 people to experience what it’s like to pilot the 737 800! As it’s a full day, we can organise a buffet lunch if you would like. It can be arranged after the experience has a date booked and is £9.99 per head. People can arrive at differing time during the day or all at once for a full day of flying fun!

What does the day have in store?

How about an add on to preserve the memory?

Enhance your time with us and keep the memory fresh with a film of your experience! We can film any part of the day so that you can look back on it. How about a photograph to remember the day? We can take as many as you wish and provide them in a stylish frame too!

Ask the instructor on the day OR add as many as you wish from the options below!

737 Group Booking – Fixed Base Simulator


Got Questions?

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