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737 Simulator Instructor Course – 50% Off!


737 Simulator Instructor Course – 50% Off!

Available at
Greater Manchester & Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

No experience necessary!

Do you want to make money off of your hobby? How about a new career with the potential to lead to bigger things? The 737 Simulator Instructor Course is an industry first as we offer people with potentially ZERO flying experience the chance to train as a flight simulator instructor!

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Change your life with Flightdeck Experience!

At present we are the ONLY commercial flight simulator company in the WORLD offering this unique opportunity – 737 Simulator Instructor Course!

People with little to no flight experience will be given the chance to train to be a Flight Simulator Instructor with us. On completion, you’ll be able to work in any one of our Fixed Base locations across the UK and should you decide you want to upgrade your skills … the full motion simulators (worth £15 million) will be within grasp too!

The 737 Simulator Instructor course – for fun or for a new career.

The course can be done by anyone with any motivation! Some have the firm plan to complete the course and join our Instructor pool at their nearest location, or further afield. With two locations in the UK, Stockport and Shoreham the opportunities are definitely there.

Others do the course because they have always been interested in aviation and just want to learn for fun. One example would be a cadet in the Shoreham branch of Virtual Aerospace. Paul is a funeral director but always wanted to be an airline pilot. Due to health issues this wasn’t possible. Close to completing the course, he considers himself a pilot and most definitely has more knowledge than your average home simulator enthusiast.

Learn more about Paul and his experience with us below …

You’ll get 70 hours in the simulator and with an original cost of £6350 it’s an incredibly cost effective way to get as many hours as possible in the simulator, (£92 per hour!). Keep in mind the course is often discounted by large amounts … it really is a bargain!

737 Simulator Instructor Course Requirements

When you start the course, we will assume you have the minimal knowledge of aircraft, aviation and flying in general. If you have done some study then we will hopefully fill in the gaps as we take you from a novice to a competent 737 Flight Simulator Instructor!

If you are taking the course as a personal challenge, maybe … like the cadet above, you always wanted to be an airline pilot but life got in the way … we can help you fulfil that aspiration to an extent. If it is the hobby or job aspect that interests you, this amazing course won’t disappoint as you get to grips with the most popular commercial aircraft ever! Informational, satisfying and fun … if you are an aviation enthusiast you won’t be disappointed with this course.

What does the course include?

As soon as you enrol on the course, we send over the written material and additional course information so that you can start your study immediately!

The training portal gives you access to all that you will need and you’ll also be welcomed into a group to chat to your fellow cadets. An instructor will be allocated to you and they will act as your mentor throughout the course.

Course Length

You can complete the course in as little as 3 months or as much as a year! Your sessions in the simulator will be booked on a flexible basis, usually slots of 4 hours and they can be booked wherever there is availability around our normal experience customers. This can be morning, afternoon or evening any day of the week.

It’s a very flexible way to learn but all course modules MUST be completed within the 12 month period.

Time Allocation

* 30 Hours of briefings and classroom time. Usually done before your time in the simulator.

* 50 hours in the fixed base 737 800 Simulator with your instructor.

* 20-30 hours in the fixed base 737 800 simulator – solo!

* 50-70 hours – TOTAL time in the simulator.

Interested in the 737 Simulator Instructor Course?

Signing up for this course is quite a commitment both financially and your time. We are sure that you have many questions about how the course is run and about any personal requirements you may have. We ask that you contact Ops on the main phone number (above in website header). If they aren’t able to answer specific or technical questions we can arrange a call back to ensure that you are being welcomed onto the course with open arms and no surprises.

What happens after I complete the 737 Simulator Instructor Course?

Join the instructor pool for Flightdeck Experience and Virtual Aerospace!

Once you have completed the course and shown competency in using the equipment and instructing customers … the customer is yours! We will add you to the rota and you will be given the chance to fly and instruct our normal experience customers. Performance is tracked with Tripadvisor reviews and word of mouth, the better you do … the more shifts you will get!

Go Full Motion!

The fixed base training we have given you is perfect for the next step. You’ll be in good company too as professional pilots use the £15 million state of the art machines to train for the real thing! We offer an upgrade that allows you to be one of our “go to” instructors for when our customers hire the Full Motion 737 Simulator. 

Enjoy time in the simulator at a discount!

With the course over it isn’t necessarily the end of your time in the simulator. If you aren’t interested in working or upgrading to the Full Motion simulator that’s fine with us. We appreciate your time and effort and offer all students passing the course a drastic discount on hourly hire. You can come in on your own, with other cadets you befriended while taking the course or even bring friends from your “other” life to show off and teach them! 

What are you waiting for?
The instructor course has been put together with the real pilots licence in mind. What you will be learning are real world techniques, practices and protocol.

Please note – This course DOES NOT count towards the PPL (Private Pilots License)  or the CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence). 

You can however log the time as synthetic training which would save you money in real training time.

This is a non certified course and is only recognised in commercial flight simulator companies and the associated community.

737 Simulator Instructor Course – 50% Off!