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737 Virtual Type Rating Course | 10 Hours


737 Virtual Type Rating Course | 10 Hours

Available at
Greater Manchester & Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

A truly unique product! 737 virtual type rating course is an instructor and you for a solid 10 hours in the 737 800 flight simulator!

This offers full immersion into the world of the big jet pilot! Regardless of experience you can book the simulator and have the day tailored to whatever you want to achieve.

Note – you can split this into 4 half days or two full days if you wanted to.

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737 Virtual Type Rating Course

Regardless of your flight experience, this 10 hour 737 Virtual Type Rating Course will add to or create new skills as you have an intensive yet fun experience with our professional flight instructors.

It can be completed over a couple of intensive days or spread into several more bitesize sessions which don’t have to be consecutive. In fact, if the sessions were spread out it would feel more like you were completing flights, going home and then coming back into work!

You may have never flown before, you may have your PPL but want to know the differences between a small aircraft and a commercial jet airliner. This will be a bespoke booking to achieve and experience whatever you want to within the realms of big jet aviation.

There will be briefings before and after but you’ve booked for 10 hours, you will receive 10 hours in the simulator. 

The 180 degree wrap around screen along with 737 engine and cabin sounds create full immersion and with a choice of 24,000 airports you can feel what it is like to fly as the captain of this passenger airliner.

What does the day hold for you?

The reason we offer this product is to go more in depth than we previously would in a normal experience booking. We will show you check lists, scan flows, instrument flying, low visibility operations and emergencies as well as introduce you to the multi crew environment.

In the interest of immersion, we will be treating the simulator as if it is a real aircraft. Each flight we undertake will be from the very first moment you step onto the aircraft. Everything will be off and will require you to bring the aircraft to life. Engines on, push back and taxi to the runway … you will learn to do it all. Programming the flight computer and listening into air traffic control will make the experience even more realistic.

You will have a briefing between each of your multiple flights … as many as you can fit into the session! The instructor will keep you engaged in the experience as the day progresses at an appropriate pace.

As your time with us progresses your skills will build as we prepare you for a full “A to B” flight. You will use the real world procedures you’ve learned and as the booked time progresses you will become the captain telling your instructor co-pilot what to do! They will only get involved in the event of you needing help … otherwise we are working towards you working on your own!

Once you have completed the training we are pleased to be able to offer you a discounted hourly rate of £100 as you hire the simulator without an instructor to impress friends and family.

As an extra special keepsake, we film the last hour so you have a reminder of the day.

Items covered in the 10 Hour Virtual Type Rating Course …

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We will be taking you through similar training to what professional pilots go through. They would usually go through 1500 hours of training though so we have tailored the sessions carefully so anyone that takes the course will be informed, challenged, and more importantly … entertained!

Amazing value for money … this course will impress and give the real world training that can turn a home simulator enthusiast onto what could potentially be a new career!

737 Virtual Type Rating Course | 10 Hours