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Boeing 737 800 Full Motion Simulator – Pro Hire

Boeing 737 800 Full Motion Simulator – Pro Hire

Available at
Quadrant Systems, Burgess Hill (Near Gatwick)

Simulator Type: Full Motion

We are lucky enough to have access to these amazing machines which means we can offer professional pilots an avenue to book time in the 737 800 Full Motion Simulator located at the training facility at Quadrant Systems in Burgess Hill near Gatwick.

All machines are level D with 6 degrees of freedom.


The Boeing 737 800 Full Motion Simulator

The training fleet of full motion simulators including the 737 800 Full Motion Simulator are located at Quadrant Systems in Burgess Hill, near Gatwick Airport.

As Level D machines, being the highest standard, they are eligible for zero flight time (ZFT) training.

They are in daily use and high demand from UK and oversees airlines. Used primarily for formal initial and recurrent training when hiring out you will likely be walking past other professional pilots on your way to the simulator.

We use this simulator for the following:

Our Instructors / Simulator Operators

You can expect our staff to be either very experienced training instructors or current line pilots. Please be confident in the knowledge that the instructor that will be paired with you will have many hours of familiarity with the 737 800 Full Motion Simulator.

I have my own Instructor, can I bring them?

Absolutely! Whether a colleague or friend, if you would prefer they were your instructor on the day that is not a problem. They would need to be a currently type rated pilot on the 737 800 and bring along proof of their credentials on the day.

We will be able to offer a discount of 10% in the event of you having your own instructor and will only provide a simulator operator. The simulator operator will be in charge of the session but will not interfere, or dictate flight plans or fly the aircraft. They will be there solely to offer assistance if required.

A unique service to us, if you would like to book this option and claim the 10% discount, please do so by calling Ops on 01604 211 336.

Can the session be shared?

Again it’s a yes!

If you have limited experience with the 737 800 a friend can join you on the experience. Your instructor will run the experience and provide a plan for it of necessary. You can divide the time between you and your friend how you see fit.

Is type rating necessary? Do I need to be familiar with the 737 800?

Often customers that choose to hire the 737 800 want to try a different aircraft or are practicing for an upcoming sim assessment. The instructor we provide will know the aircraft and can assist in any area you may need help. Being able to offer someone with such a knowledge of the aircraft allows us to have the simulator hired by anyone with any experience level.

Can I bring multiple people?

Keep in mind this is a 24 hour training facility being used by professional pilots to keep their skills and qualifications at the level they need to be. The simulator is also not a large space. As such, a maximum of 2 adults over the age of 16 can join you in the simulator. Should you decide to bring more people, the training centre can not accommodate then and they will be asked to wait for you elsewhere.

Boeing 737 800 Full Motion Simulator – Pro Hire


Got Questions?

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