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Simulator Instructor Course – Modules (if CPL / IR Qualified)


Simulator Instructor Course – Modules (if CPL / IR Qualified)

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

This course is for those that are CPL / IR Qualified and looking for employment as a simulator instructor with us.

You may have just completed your qualification, recently retired from flying or have lost the medical. We are interested in you!

Instructors of all levels are currently required for our locations.


737 Flight Simulator Instructor Course for newly qualified CPL/IR,retired or medically discharged

We have created the modular approach to this course to fill any experience gaps there may be, teach you the ins and out of our simulators and sharpen your skills where needed. There is a Simulator Instructor job at the end of this … guaranteed!

Currently available instructor positions

* Stockport (Greater Manchester)  – 4 instructors required
* Sywell (Northampton) – 2 Instructors required
* Shoreham (Brighton City Airport) – 1 Instructor required

After training instructors are able to apply for the days they wish to work from a single day a month to 10-15 days as and when available.

Once the modules required are completed you will be added to our Instructor rota. In the event of the rota being full for your preferred location and of course if you are not willing to travel to another of our locations … you will be added to the holding pool. Instructor shifts are given to those that prove themselves to be professional, reliable and a hit with the customers.

If you opt for the holding pool rather than travel, we will make the simulator available to you for two hours per month for solo practice for up to 12 months until a position becomes available.

At the time of writing (Oct 2020) all newly qualified simulator instructors are being offered work.

About us and the role

Flightdeck Experience as part of Virtual Aerospace forms the largest flight simulator company in the UK boasting 6 flight simulators (4 fixed base and 2 Full Motion).

As the company turns 10 years old we look back on more than 150,000 operational hours. In that time we have employed over 150 commercial pilots from varied backgrounds which includes 109 newly qualified pilots who were starting their first job. Looking at those people now we are pleased to report that 105 now fly for airlines.

Being a flight simulator instructor has been a benefit to them as many have told us that their time working for us was key to them not only passing the sim check but also allowing them to stand out among the masses when looking for that first job.

We benefit too as enthusiastic people with a passion for aviation make fantastic instructors that our customers appreciate. Sharing your knowledge and love for the industry with people who are after an exciting and authentic experience forms the perfect partnership.

Sim Assessment and a Modular Flight Simulator Course

We understand that people can come from different backgrounds, training and circumstance and this is why we have separated this course into modules which can accommodate any level of commercial pilot.

If you feel your skills and knowledge are rusty, start from Module 1, with CPL level GH and IR practice. Current MCC pilots will likely jump to module 5 (mini type rating) and current line pilots that have lost their medical will go directly to module 7.

We would need to assess where your skills are and what modules need to be completed. The sim assessment session is necessary to allow us to do that. It is 3 hours in length and allows us to see where your skills are and what may need working on. We will ask a few fairly basic aviation and flying questions before taking you into the simulator. You will fly a raw data departure AND a fully automated VNAV, LNAV departure. General handling will be assessed and we will take you through some failures which do happen but aren’t normal so require the QRH and memory items.

Click the image above to view the full pdf!

Once you have been assessed, the following modules are available to you …


Total estimated Dual Instruction 50 – 70 Hrs.
Total estimated Solo Practice 30-50 Hrs.

In 90% of cases the course has been completed within the course time allowance. It is unusual that you would need additional hours to complete the course but if you do, additional time can be bought at £50 per hour (dual) or £30 per hour (solo).

Course Format & Lesson Plans

Each and every module is a mixture of lessons with solo practice. After booking with us we will provide you with course material by way of your study pack which includes:

* a PDF Boeing 737 QRH
* welcome document
* module lesson plan
* VA checklist
* flight profile data sheet.

You will find our lessons are conducted in groups of 3, one of which is the Instructor and for blocks of 2 or 4 hours. They can be arranged to suit your availability as hours outside of our normal booking times for experiences are open to courses. This includes during the day (if available) and evenings 7 days a week.

As a module is completed there is a test to check progress. Once passed, the module is signed off and you can move to the next … or to course completion.

Working as a Simulator Instructor!

Congratulations! With the course completed and progress tests signed off you are now a fully qualified Flight Simulator Instructor! When do you work? The rotas are made available at the beginning of each month and will set out the days allocated to you. They can of course be organised with Ops ahead of time to see if bookings can match your availability.

An instructors day begins at 09:15 as you start the simulator up and perform the necessary tests (including a short flight) before our experience customers arrive at 09:45 for their briefing with you.

Typical days are between 4 and 6 hours of flying time. You’ll find the position really interesting as you never know who will come through the door next. Maybe a 20 something aviation enthusiast, a 70 year old retired RAF pilot or a 12 year old home flight simulator fan. The training you will have received from us will prepare you for any and all possibilities of customer but nothing beats the experience you will receive on the job!

Do you still have questions?
Contact our Operations staff who may be able to help and if it’s particularly complicated they can arrange for our chief instructor to contact you by email or phone.

Simulator Instructor Course – Modules (if CPL / IR Qualified)


Got Questions?

Read our frequently asked questions so that you can be as clued up as possible before purchase!