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First Class Pass – Upgrade Add On


First Class Pass - Upgrade Add On

How would you like three of our most popular products bundled together AND discounted by over 20%?

Get Gate to Gate, video AND the photo of your experience and enjoy the savings!

£60.00 £50.00

Don’t forget, there are other options for add ons too and some are bundled together at a discount!

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Sometimes choosing just one add on isn’t enough! Choose the First Class Pass!

By far, the following add ons are the most popular. To ensure that you get the most “bang for your buck” and of course the most enjoyment … we’ve created the First Class Pass!

Gate to gate includes everything home simulators miss out!

Sure you want to fly the plane but do you know what happens when you first step into the cockpit?

How about after you land? … Do you walk out and abandon it in the runway? Of course not!

To find out all of the protocols that a pilot would go through as well as taxiing to the runway this add on is essential! The full airline experience includes:

If total immersion is what you are after, gate to gate is a must have add on!

Watch your experience again and again with a video of your experience!

It’s not all about showing off to your friends. The full length film of experience is also there for to you check your progression as your experience unfolded. 

3 HD cameras positioned:

* Over the Nose – see how well you flew each approach

* Wide Angled Cockpit View – aircraft handling can be seen best from this angle

* Rearward Facing – your expressions may be as entertaining as the flight itself 🙂

Onboard mics and headsets (if you wear one) will record every second of sound too so you can listen back to the discussion and tuition during your time in the simulator.

If you want your friends to believe you flew a jet powered delta wing strategic bomber … or the most popular jet airliner flying 189 virtual passengers … the film of your experience is the only way to go!

First Class Pass also includes – a framed photo is the perfect keepsake to show off to your friends!

This add on can be applied to the 737-800 or Vulcan Bomber experiences.

Our instructor will take a photograph of you with the cockpit behind you proving that you were indeed pilot for the day! They can be in the photograph if you wish, you can drag in a friend that came with you or just fly solo!

Of course you will get the final say so you can keep posing until you are happy with the final product.

Then we will get the photograph printed for you and put into one of our high quality photo frames. It’ll be done at the end of your session and ready for you to take away on the same day.

If you want your friends to believe you flew a jet powered delta wing strategic bomber … or the most popular jet airliner flying 189 virtual passengers … the framed photograph is a MUST!

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Are you choosing the First Class Pass? Awesome!

How about adding additional time to the experience too? We have 2 additional options for extra time and added worth including a friend! They are called – First Officer Friend and Land Like a Pro. Read more below!

First Class Pass - Upgrade Add On

£60.00 £50.00

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