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Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course

Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course

The Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course is conducted 1 to 1 with a professional pilot in one of our 1 to 1 in scale simulators. They are as accurate to the real aircraft as possible.

We will delve into where your fear lies and take you on a short virtual flight in our realistic 737 800 commercial jet simulator.


The Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course

In the fixed base fear of flying course we will teach you what pilots do everyday and more information into how safe the machines are.

What does fixed base mean?

Essentially, the simulator doesn’t move. We use visual trickery and sound effects plus of course the professional standard cockpit and cabin to fool your mind into thinking we are moving. Feel the sensations in the safety of a fixed base simulator that stays on the ground.

The feeling of a real cockpit and a realistic flying experience in the fixed base Fear of Flying Course. Our simulators also have a cabin section that you step into first which also aids the feeling of being on a real flight.

A Different Approach

Airlines offer courses like this but we differ in our approach. We offer one to one tuition and attention with our professional pilot.

If you have done one of these courses before you will find ours to be a much more relaxed and personable experience. You set the pace for the session as we try to help you past the issue(s) you have with aircraft and air travel. We encourage you to ask questions at any time and if you feel comfortable you may even want to take control for a time.

What can you expect in a fear of flying session …

By the end of the session we have found that most feel a sense of accomplishment, as they should! By the end of your time with us you will have a far better understanding of the precautions used, checks and the safety of the aircraft. With this information and the experience of the virtual flight, it provides great building blocks to help you control those negative feelings.

Does it work?

Our Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course over the past ten years has enabled many people to be able to cope with commercial flight. We wouldn’t say they enjoyed the experience, although some may verge on that … the goal is to get you past the wall of fear in front of you.

We have received calls and emails after our sessions from people elated that they were able to go to that far flung family wedding or overseas family holiday without feeling held back. Our sessions have worked for many many people before you and we hope to continue to help more into the future.

Here are some people the benefited from the session, picked straight from Tripadvisor …

I have a severe Fear of Flying and recently attended a Fear Of Flying Course, just before my holiday (with Flights booked !!) I had already tried a very expensive Fear of Flying with a Major Airline and it did not help one bit. There were so many people on an actual flight with the same fear and there were not enough staff to calm everyone. The effect was a minor mass hysteria. A colleague recommended the Fear of Flying Course (Thank you Jan!!) and as it was relatively inexpensive I thought it was worth a shot. The session was one to one and helped me to identify what part of Flying scared me the most, (the take off) we than concentrated on take offs and I acclimatised to the sensation and view. The instructor could not have been more understanding and sympathetic (Thank you Irwin) even when I got stressed and emotional he was very kind and reassured me. I even managed to take the controls at one point which is a major achievement for me. Although I am not totally cured yet, I do know that I have been helped enormously, and more than anyone else I have been to, including hypnotherapists. I just managed my first holiday in years, on a large aircraft without Panicking. A Sincere thank you to everyone there, especially to Beccy who was so kind to me before my session as I was so nervous. I was offered tea and coffee and the pre flight chat she gave me helped so much, as I knew what to expect from the session. Thank you Virtual Aerospace. You really have made a difference.

I had my flight experience today, it was fantastic and better than I expected, I really enjoyed myself and the experience of taking off, flying and landing. Mak has been great at explaining how things work which helped me with understanding more about my fear of flying. Highly recommended.

Although this is a fixed base simulator it was a very realistic experience. Graphics are very good and on take off you actually got the feeling you were really taking off. Staff / Pilots really helpful and knowledgeable. There are sounds too so when an instrument in the cockpit is altered you can "hear" the effect. Great for anyone with a fear of flying to get a better understanding of what is happening in the "driving seat".

Fixed Base Fear of Flying Course


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