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Framed Photograph Add On


Framed Photograph Add On

Flying a 737-800 Jet Airliner or Vulcan Bomber is most definitely something to remember! Display it on your wall for all to see as the flight simulator framed photograph is a perfect add on for your experience. We will take the picture, print out and put in a frame for you.


Don’t forget, there are other options for add ons too and some are bundled together at a discount!

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The perfect keepsake to show off to your friends – Flight Simulator Framed Photograph!

If you said to a friend that today you flew to Paris and back … would they believe you? What if you had just managed to land in an airport that only a handful of people in the WORLD can manage? Where is the proof? A framed photograph will be a talking point for years to come!

When booking the 737-800 or Vulcan Bomber experiences, add this to your cart as a lovely way to remember your time with us.

Our instructor will take a photograph of you with the cockpit behind you proving that you were indeed pilot for the day! The instructor can be in the photograph if you wish, you can drag in a friend that came with you for a joint memory or just fly solo and have the cockpit all to yourself!

Of course you will get the final say on the photograph so you can keep posing until you are happy with the final product.

Then we will get the photograph printed for you on site and put into one of our high quality photo frames. It’ll be done at the end of your session and ready for you to take away before you leave to go home.

If you want your friends to believe you flew a jet powered delta wing strategic bomber … or the most popular jet airliner flying 189 virtual passengers … the framed photograph is a MUST!

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Framed Photograph Add On


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