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Full Motion 737 Sim Assessment Preparation

Full Motion 737 Sim Assessment Preparation

Available at
Quadrant Systems, Burgess Hill (Near Gatwick)

Simulator Type: Full Motion

Flightdeck Experience as part of Virtual Aerospace has access to a Level D – B737-800 NG Full Motion Simulator.

We are able to offer you the opportunity to join one of our experienced professional pilots in a Full Motion 737 Sim assessment preparation session.

This one to one session has helped many pilots join a multitude of the commercial airlines you see today.



Full Motion 737 Sim Assessment Preparation Information

We are part of the largest non-certified flight simulator company in the UK. We are one of only a few commercial flight simulator companies to have access to the Full Motion Simulators located at Quadrant Systems in Burgess Hill just south of Gatwick. Perfect for taking your Full Motion 737 Sim Assessment with us!

We are proud to share that we have undertaken many full motion 737 sim assessment sessions for nearly every major and low cost airline. 

Matching your needs to the correct instructor

Between the multiple locations we have, we employ more than 40 part time and full time flight instructors. They range from newly qualified first officers to senior training captains so pairing you with someone that can best assess your skills is not a problem.

What can we do for you?

The 737 800 Full Motion Flight Simulators

The Boeing B737-800W NG Full Flight Simulator is certified to Level D by the UK CAA.

It was made by Lockheed Martin.

It is located at our partner – Quadrant Systems Training Centre in Burgess Hill, near Gatwick Airport.

Full Motion 737 Sim Assessment Preparation



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