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Future Young Pilot Program – 5 Hours


Future Young Pilot Program - 5 Hours

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Aimed at 13-18 year olds, the “Future Young Pilot Program – 5 hours” is aimed at young students with a passion for aviation. A great insight into the life of a pilot with some of the technical knowledge required to move onto the full ATPL.

Please note – It is not possible to purchase this twice to form 10 hour course. The 10 hour course is cheaper in the long run … OR you can do this course and then choose from the available modules. 

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The Future Young Pilot Program – 5 Hours

Our new training academy now serves youth aviation enthusiasts in the UK a course to give a brilliant introduction to the life and responsibilities of a commercial passenger jet pilot. The Future Young Pilot Program gives the knowledge of skills to allow for an informed decision to be made about a potential future in big jet piloting.

Flightdeck Experience along with Virtual Aerospace offer 3 professional quality fixed base 737 800 simulators located across the UK in Shoreham, Sywell and Stockport. The highest possible quality, these simulators have been tested by current pilots and given the all clear for being as realised as possible for a fixed base machine.

We have separated the course modules between time in the simulator and time in the classroom allowing for theory and practical experience. The student will spend far more time in the simulator but the time in the classroom will give them the knowledge they need to apply in the cockpit.

The first section of the full course, the first 5 hours give senior school and college students (13-18 years) the skills needed to move forward into their career in aviation and the ATPL course.

After the first 5 hours the student will leave the course with further knowledge of the most popular passenger aircraft to date – the Boeing 737 800. Their insight into aviation as a whole will also be “buffed” allowing for a much more informed decision about a move into aviation.

On completion the student will receive a digital certificate of completion and if required, they will be eligible for their 2 bars (2 Epaulettes) on course completion.

Future Young Pilot Program includes:


Course Information

Future Young Pilot Program Extra Info?

  • All instructors are professional pilots.
  • All instructors have an up to date DBS.
  • 180 degree wrap around visual system for total realism.
  • Real B737 engine and cabin sounds.
  • High resolution, ultra real graphics including more than 24,000 major airports around the world.

Want more? Add modules!

So, 5 hour is over … what now? 
If you’ve caught the aviation bug these modules are for you!
We’ve separated the 10 hour course into 5 modules that you can take individually or … if you want to complete the whole thing … as a bundle!  

All of the modules form the 10 hour course – £899
(£200 saving!)

You can buy them individually for £120 each.


This module is all about planning, recording and controlling the movement of the plane in between destinations.

Difficult Approaches

Differing places pose more of a challenge to pilots. We want to prepare the student so that they are confident with destinations other pilots dread!

Emergency and failures

Although a very safe way to travel, not everything goes the way it should al of the time. Here we prepare you for the worst so you take it in your stride.

Extreme Weather

The weather is an unpredictable mistress on the ground, let alone when you are at 41,000 feet! Here you will learn the effect it has on the aircraft and how to deal with it.

Landing Expert

Half of fatal accidents happen during take off and landing. This is also impacted when you start to arrive at challenging airports. Here's your chance to focus and land like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the training instructors have a DBS we insist that the child is accompanied by an adult at all times, regardless of session length.

The session will not be completed if the parent or guardian can not stay.

The course has been designed to be completed with one student and one instructor, often the same instructor for the duration of the course.  There is also one point of contact from the point of purchase (the course director) who will be able to answer any course related questions. Booking enquires will need to be done through the main Ops number.

Classroom time is in addition to time in the simulator. As such, the 5 hour course = 5 hours in the simulator and additional time in the classroom.

The course can be completed in any one of our locations. You have a choice between Stockport (Greater Manchester), Sywell (Northamptonshire) and Shoreham-by-sea (West Sussex).

We would suggest that the 5 hour course is split into more manageable sections due to the fact there is time in the classroom and aspects of the aircraft and aviation that the student would need to understand each time before they enter the simulator. (For example, 3 hours and 2 hours in the simulator).

If the requested time is available in the diary, we will then check instructor availability to match. Only the finest instructors have been selected to teach this course. Sessions can be booked on weekdays, weekends, evenings or school holidays if the availability is there.

Future Young Pilot Program - 5 Hours