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Future Young Pilot Program – Additional Modules

Future Young Pilot Program – Additional Modules

Available at
Greater Manchester & Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Prerequisite – Completed of the 5 hour Future Young Pilots Program is necessary before modules can be condusted.

Having completed the 5 hour Future Young Pilots Program you may have an interest in just one or two areas for further investigation. Pick your favourite aspects of flying from the additional modules and be safe in the knowledge you will get 60 minutes in the 737-800 Jet Airliner simulator as well as the relevant course material…


The modules below are offered to students who have already completed the 5 hour Future Young Pilot Program.  Any of the below additional modules can be chosen in a mix and match style.

Course material and an hour in the in the 737-800 simulator are included in the price.  

Additional Modules

Module 1 - Navigation

189 passengers are trusting you to take them to their destination as safely and directly as possible. Here you will learn about the planning involved in a normal line flight. You’ll control the movement of the plane from one place to another using the navigation techniques and technology that professional pilots use including beacons, charts and differing approaches.

Module 2 - Difficult Approaches

Some airports are easier to approach and land in than others. One or two airports can only be landed in by certain individuals deemed experienced enough to manage it! The student will learn how to set up the aircraft for challenging approaches like Innsbruck – Kia tak, Gibraltar, Queens Town – New Zealand and the hair-raising Paro!

Module 3 - Emergency & Failures

Thing go wrong. That’s a fact. Do the passengers ever know about issues a pilot comes across? Likely not. As captain you need to know what to do any any eventuality as equipment fails and emergency situations arise. Using your wits and newly acquired skills … the decisions are on you (and you’ll been shown how to use the Quick Reference Handbook).

Module 4 - Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions are to be expected depending on where you are flying. Gusty winds, low visibility, wind-shear and more can happen at any part of the flight and you need to be able to stay calm, confident and keep the flight on track for your virtual passengers.

Module 5 - Landing Expert

Take off and landing are the most dangerous part of the flight. Taking any scenario, location and weather condition and still making that buttery smooth landing takes some practice. Here’s where you work to master the landing using auto-land, visual or ILS (Instrument Landing System).

Frequently asked questions

Although the training instructors have a DBS we insist that the child is accompanied by an adult at all times, regardless of session length.

The session will not be completed if the parent or guardian can not stay.

The course has been designed to be completed with one student and one instructor, often the same instructor for the duration of the course.  There is also one point of contact from the point of purchase (the course director) who will be able to answer any course related questions. Booking enquires will need to be done through the main Ops number.

Classroom time is in addition to time in the simulator. As such, the 5 hour course = 5 hours in the simulator and additional time in the classroom.

The course can be completed in any one of our locations. You have a choice between Stockport (Greater Manchester), Sywell (Northamptonshire) and Shoreham-by-sea (West Sussex).

We would suggest that the 5 hour course is split into more manageable sections due to the fact there is time in the classroom and aspects of the aircraft and aviation that the student would need to understand each time before they enter the simulator. (For example, 3 hours and 2 hours in the simulator).

If the requested time is available in the diary, we will then check instructor availability to match. Only the finest instructors have been selected to teach this course. Sessions can be booked on weekdays, weekends, evenings or school holidays if the availability is there.

These additional modules are to top up the knowledge of someone who has already completed the 5 hour course.

It can not be bought as a separate experience.

Please note – if you are thinking of having specific modules … it is cheaper in the long run to buy the 10 hour course.

If there is one particular area that the student would like to repeat, we would suggest that the student hires the simulator with their end of course discount. They would then tell the instructor on the day what they would like to do.

The modules come with course content that the student would have already received so there would be no benefit in paying more for the simulator time.

Future Young Pilot Program – Additional Modules