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Gate to Gate Session 15 Min Add-on

Gate to Gate Session 15 Min Add-on

If you want to know the REAL experience, you need to do this gate to gate add on!

How many planes do you think are ready to go from the moment you walk into the cockpit?

None! They all need preparation, checks, start up and taxi to the runway. This is where you really learn what pilots do from the moment they sit down.


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Gate to gate includes everything home simulators miss out!

Sure you want to fly the plane but do you know what happens when you first step into the cockpit? How about after you land? … Do you walk out and abandon it in the runway? Of course not! The Gate To Gate add on adds to the realism of an actual flight!

To find out all of the protocols that a pilot would go through as well as taxiing to the runway this add on is essential! The full airline experience includes:

If total immersion is what you are after, this is a must have add on!

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Gate to Gate Session 15 Min Add-on


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