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(NEW) Kai Tak Landing – 15 min Add-on

(NEW) Kai Tak Landing – 15 min Add-on

Available at
Greater Manchester & Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Kai Tak Landing

A famous and dangerous approach! Can you land in one of the most challenging airports in the world? You’ll need to extra time as tour instructor lets you know how to perform the approach and landing. You’ll get as many chances as your time allows but believe me … you’ll need to tuition first!


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Can you land like the professional pilots – try yourself with the Kai Tak Landing 15 minute Add on?

Everyone know Kai Tak! For this reason getting additional time to try and beat the landing is a MUST HAVE add on for anyone who wants the bragging rights.

Descend over Hong Kong harbour and straight over the town! As you approach you’ll spot the tell tale signs that the runway is near … although you still can’t see it! At what feels like the last moment you bank sharply and a few seconds later you are on the ground … quite how you landed though is up to your skills! 

Watch Capt James McBride, from the TV program “Airline” attempt the landing in the video!

How does it work?

It’s a great way to end the session on a high and brilliant value for money too! Try the Kai Tak Landing! Not many people have managed it! 

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(NEW) Kai Tak Landing – 15 min Add-on


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