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(NEW) First Officer Friend – 20 Minute Add-on


(NEW) First Officer Friend - 20 Minute Add-on

Available at
Greater Manchester / Northampton / Shoreham

Simulator Type: Fixed Base

Normal experiences can be shared, yes. BUT … the First Officer Friend add on allows your chosen compadre to ACTUALLY BE first officer! Our instructor will step back and offer assistance from afar as you and you friend fully control the flight!

£50.00 £35.00

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Send our instructor to the front as you take over the cockpit with your first officer friend!

People kept asking so we listened! Most people who come to one of our experiences often arrive with a friend in tow or a family member coming to watch. Nearly as often … the plus one leaves wishing they could have experienced the simulator along with their friend! This is where the First Officer Friend add on covers all bases and allows an aviation enthusiast duo to know what it’s like to pilot the aircraft together.

So what do you both get to do?

Ideal for home simulator and aviation enthusiasts, take that knowledge from home and put it to practice in our realistic full scale simulator.

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Even cheaper when shared with a friend!

(NEW) First Officer Friend - 20 Minute Add-on

£50.00 £35.00

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